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It's no miracle. Raspberry Ketone just works - guaranteed!

When Dr. Mehmet Oz first did a television segment on the wonders of Raspberry Ketone back in 2012, his affirmation triggered of flood of cheap Raspberry Ketone pills coming to market from unqualified health practitioners looking to cash in on a bona fide craze. Ineffective, synthetic Raspberry Ketone pills continue to permeate the market today.

Great Wall Herbal is proud to offer genuine Raspberry Ketone as an herbal dietary supplement guaranteed to help you burn fat. It's no miracle. It's a supplement, a fat-reducing amplifier in a simple, sensible diet & exercise regimen. As Dr. Oz explained, "you should use this to help get you over the hump, not as a miracle pill."

Though greatly exaggerated by unscrupulous advertisers, the core truth of Raspberry Ketone in its natural form is that it does help to "shrink" fat cells, repress fat absorption and suppress weight gain.

Use Great Wall Herbal's brand of Raspberry Ketone supplements as part of a daily health regimen and you will burn fat. Quickly. Guaranteed.


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As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 (two) capsules daily with water or as directed by a physician. For optimum results, stay hydrated (drinking 8 glasses of water per day is a good rule of thumb) to keep ingredients active and allow the body optimally and evenly process the herbal formula. Do not exceed 6 (six) capsules per day. Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult a physician before using Raspberry Ketone.


Raspberry Ketone: A phenolic (a molecular compound or "group of molecules") found in the "secondary metabolites" of some aromatic of plants, in this case red raspberries (Rubus idaeus), but also cranberries and blackberries. It's literally an extraction of the compound that creates the berry's distinctive, delicious aroma.

This formula is free of artificial preservatives and common allergens.


Adiponectin is a fat-burning hormone that all humans naturally produce to metabolize calories. If it's not working properly or if there are more calories available than the body actually needs to burn, the body stores the surplus as fat. Adiponectin is also a key player in the body's sensitivity to insulin, decreasing blood sugar levels and using calories more efficiently. Adiponectin also plays a role in lowering blood pressure and preventing hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

Now, when you eat too much, eat poorly and/or exercise too little, your Adiponectin hormones just can't keep up; excess calories are not metabolized properly (if at all) and are converted into fat instead. This is why exercise, even light exercise, is so often stressed as the best means of losing weight; the calories need something to do in order to burn. Fortunately, Adiponectin also curbs the appetite because it wants to burn fuel, not add to the reserves.

A clinical study of Raspberry Ketone revealed it to stimulate the release Adiponectin, thereby increasing insulin release, thereby decreasing blood sugar, boosting metabolism and "shrinking" fat cells because they were being converted into fatty acids, not fat stores.

But here's the thing: Shrinking fat cells because Raspberry Ketone has stimulated your metabolism onto converting them into fatty acids is only half the story. There are literally thousands of verifiable stories of people losing weight by taking Raspberry Ketone supplements — some losing as much as 5 pounds per week. Fantastic! But what's often understated is that you also need to give your body a reason to burn the newly created fatty acids. Otherwise, they're just going to make a round trip back to the buttocks or love handles, because fatty acids will be converted back into fat cells if they are not burned. Out with the miracle, in with the common sense.

So, take Raspberry Ketones to trigger the metabolic process and curb your appetite, but for goodness sake, don't just sit there expecting to shed a few pounds by sprawling on the couch and watching Dr. Oz on television — go for a walk! Or a jog, or a run if you're up for it. Or go make love to your partner, which is always an efficient an enjoyable means of burning off fuel. Actually, you might want to start with that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Raspberry Ketone supplements safe to take?

The US Food and Drug Administration validated raspberry ketone with the standard classification "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) as of 1965. There are no known side-effects. However, we strongly recommend talking with your physician before taking ANY kind of supplement.

Why are your Raspberry Ketone supplements better?

We're able to provide the best quality Raspberry Ketone supplements on the market because of the source. We travelled the world to find the best organic raspberry orchards consistently producing a rich and therefore potent crop while also participating in ethical, environmentally and socioeconomically conscious business practices (right here in the USA!). You can find cheap Raspberry Ketone supplements everywhere, even your local department store, but low cost means low quality along with questionable fertilizers, pesticides and possible genetic modifications — not to mention harsh, filthy working conditions for the labor force producing them. We're proud of our superior Raspberry Keytone supplements and back them up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Can't I just eat raspberries instead of taking Raspberry Ketone supplements?

Yes, but you'll need to eat 90 pounds of the fruit each day to get the equivalent daily dose of our extracted Raspberry Ketone.



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