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Owned and operated by people with a passion for natural health and vitality, Great Wall Herbal strives to meet and exceed customer expectations with quality service and excellent products that boost vigor, sexuality and well-being — naturally!

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Our Story

Great Wall Herbal was founded in 2002 in direct response to the growing number of web sites making false, exaggerated or outlandish claims about natural herbal remedies. As lifelong practitioners of naturopathy, we make no claims of magical sex pills, instant weight loss and a fountain of youth. We provide potent herbal supplements based on documented natural sciences.

Our herbal supplements and natural medicines will energize the vital force of the human body to positively influence metabolism, vitality, sensuality and sexuality. We provide these fortifying supplements based on ancient herbal therapies that have worked for thousands of years. Better still, we put them in modern, easy-to-swallow capsules. They will make you look and feel better, exhilarate your sex life and enhance your physique by awakening your body's natural restorative processes. It's not magic, it's not secret, and it's certainly not outlandish. It's natural science for the natural you, fortified.

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About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, most comprehensive, safest and most effective medical system that exists. It has sustained the health of the world's longest surviving civilization with the longest-lived population on the planet for over five thousand years. It is considered an "inductive" science that reaches conclusions based universal principles and observed instances (as opposed blind, reactionary studies of cause and effect).

TCM Practitioners have a wealth of substantiated resources to draw upon with a meticulously recorded history of clinical research spanning more than three thousand years.

There are more than 2000 items listed in Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia, though only about 350 are used in general practice and only about 100 are regarded as indispensable in formulating natural medicines. When used in Great Wall Herbal supplements, each is carefully measured to work in harmonious conjunction with others in the formula; no one ingredient overpowers or nullifies the desired effect of another. This also allows each formula to achieve maximum potency.

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Shipping & Handling

We begin processing each order within 24 hours (Monday thru Friday) of recieving it. Please allow sufficient delivery time for packaging and shipping via USPS, estimated as 5 - 10 business days to the Continental U.S., or 7 - 21 business days for international orders.

Order Packaging

Orders arrive discreetly in plain packages without any company logos or identifying markings. There is nothing written or displayed on the package about its contents except as required by law (e.g. "herbal supplements").

Shipping & Handling Charges

We ship our products anywhere in the world for a low flat rate of $9.99 S&H per order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We offer a 60-day money back guarantee to any customer not 100% satisfied their Great Wall Herbal purchase(s). We offer this guarantee because we are confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase and its results. Great Wall Herbal uses only to top quality herbal ingredients in our formulas and follows stringent Quality Assurance protocols. If you are not totally satisfied, simply request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form via email to and follow the instructions to return any unopened product to one of our distribution centers and your money will be promptly refunded.


... your customer service is top-shelf! Thanks very much!

— Donie B, Manchester, England


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Great Wall Herbal

You've got questions about our herbal medicines. We've got answers!

Put your mind at ease. It's all good!

What form do your herbal remedies take?

All of our herbal remedies and supplements come in an easy-to-swallow capsule. We do not sell raw herbs, just professionally blended formulas in capsule form. You don't have to cook, boil, steep or mix anything. It's just like taking a vitamin.

Are your herbal supplements safe?

Yes! The hundreds of herbs, roots, plants and flowers used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that are still in use today are the combined result of thousands of years of experimentation and testing on literally millions of people. Each Great Wall Herbal formula is a balanced combination of individual ingredients that have been found to greatly benefit a certain conditions or ailments for centuries. Simply put, what works is still in use, what doesn't was discarded long ago. Select ingredients in Great Wall Herbal formulas are combined to achieve maximum potency for maximum results.

What are the side effects of natural herbal supplements?

Aside from a heightened sense of well-being and aroused self-confidence, side effects from traditional herbal medicines are extremely uncommon, particularly if they have been formulated by a qualified TCM practitioner. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it's always a good idea to take any herbal supplement with a light meal or snack. Also, there is always a chance that a specific ingredient may cause an adverse reaction based on allergies or conflict with prescription drugs. Always consult your physician before taking any herbal supplement.

What are the advantages of herbal medicine?

The most obvious advantage is that herbal medicines are much less expensive than pharmaceuticals. The ingredients are natural and Mother Nature doesn't patent them.

Secondly, you can buy natural medicines without a prescription. Many people won't or can't visit a doctor to get a diagnosis and prescription for any number of reasons, such as embarrassment, distrust, geographic isolation or financial constraints.

But the greatest advantage of our natural medicines is that each ingredient in our herbal formulas has a two thousand year history of documented use and effect. Most prescription drugs are relatively new, so their long-term side effects are unknown, understated, or don't present themselves for years or decades — and by then it's too late!

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