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Traditional Chinese medicines in convenient capsule form, carefully formulated to fortify, nourish and revitalize your natural self.

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Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry KeytonesRaspberry Ketones help the body burn fat, naturally. No miracle, no higher power needed. They just work. Guaranteed.

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Chinese Virility Pills

Chinese Virility PillsThis is it, Great Wall Herbal's world-famous Chinese Virility Pills. All natural, 'herbal viagra' that really works. Big time.

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Fem Advantage

Fem AdvantageSafe, all natural breast enlargement formula for those considering the smart alternative to cosmetic surgery.

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Green Coffee Bean

Green CoffeeThe preffered supplement of rock hard bodies, green coffee bean extract helps reject sugars before they turn into fat.

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Libido Plus for Men

Libido PlusCommonly referred to as 'Herbal Cialis,' this herbal formula is specifically designed to heighten sexual pleasure, stamina and seminal volume.

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Libido Plus for Women

Libido Plus A blend of natural herbs known to stimulate sexual dersire, increase sensitivity, and allow for easier, more intense orgasms.

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Sleep Best

Natual Sleep Aid Fall asleep quickly and easily, wake up feeling refreshed with this all natural, non-addictive insomnia relief formula.

more information about green coffee bean weight loss

Acne Protocol

Acne Protocol A select blend of healing herbs formulated to nourish the blood and remove toxins associated with acne.

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Our specially formulated blends of traditional Chinese medicines are potent, completely natural and proven effective over thousands of years.

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Herbal Magic?

Not really. We've been ingesting organic compounds since life began; it's how we subsist, grow and evolve. But specific herbs, plants, flowers and roots were eventually discovered to invigorate and fortify the human body with amazing effectiveness. It's not magic, it's nature.

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What Big Pharma Won't Tell You

Pharmaceutical companies mass produce and mass market prescription drugs that simply mimic the chemical interactions found in nature.

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Owned and operated by people with a passion for natural health and vitality, Great Wall Herbal strives to meet and exceed customer expectations with quality service and excellent products that boost vigor, sexuality and well-being — naturally!